• Laura Burlton Photography voted one of Houston's best wedding photographers in 2015!

    I am a little gobsmacked and excited that I was named one of the best wedding photographers in Houston by in July 2015. Major thanks to Holly Crawford at Houston Brides and whoever else voted me in for this!It should also be noted that I did not take the photo featured in the article. That honor belongs to Kelli Elizabeth who was also ;isted with me and some other amazing individuals and companies. Link to heer website in the article listed above.

  • Another new year

    Another new year

    On New Years day 2012, I spent the day with my kids and some friends down in Galveston at one of my favorite destinations, the old, abandonned Stewart's mansion. We dressed the kids up, looked around and took lots of photos. This new years day I was recovering from a 4 day Indian wedding, so the next day I went down to the Island again as my friend Matt was having an artist retreat of sorts. He is also a bog fan of this creepy abode, so of course we all went over there again.  Here a few from my days down there.

    Oh and we found Ganesha on the beach!

  • Sarah + Adam at Fershop Houston

    On January 10-11th this year we ( D. Jones Photography and I ) hosted a workshop or " Fershop" put on by the fabulous Fer Juaristi all the way from Monterrey, Mexico.I have known Fer for a while from an online wedding photographer forum that I am admin for.

    Fer had lots of really useful advice on how to shoot in "bad" lighting conditions or locations that might not be optimal. It was actually quite awesome and a whole lot of fun.

    Our models for the day(s) were Sarah and Adam from In Tandem photography out of Austin.

    in any case, here are the fruits of my labor from the workshop :)

    If you are ever looking for inspiration of the highestorder and want a little Fer in your life, I highly suggest doing a Fershop.

    This is Fer telling us to talk while keeping the viewfinder to our eye, as not to miss anything " smile click click click"

    This is Mirna, A local photographer who was also doing the workshop with her sister. We were asked to take a partner whom we did not know, ot for some photos of each other, just to get an idea what it was like to have your own photo taken.

    Also, this is all in camera.

    Fer is all about creating what he calls "Visual Bonners" ( yes, he spells it like that. It works with the accent, trust me. Besides a "bonner" is maybe much more classy than a boner. Just saying.

    Fer snuggling with the couple. Who says a photographer can't get in on the romance :)

  • Rhapsody in Bleu

    Oh I have been creating so many things recently, I just was not sure if I wanted to show them yet. Thought I might keep a little to myself for just a little while. In any case, I could not hold everything in much I thought, ok, I can show just one thing I have been working on...right?

    This is a photo I made of Sadie. I also made the antlers out of paper mache as well as drawing the simple background. Did the makeup too.

    I love making these little worlds.

    Oh and this is blue because it is a cyanotype. I hand coated the paper myself.

    Maybe I will show you more later.....

    Shot with a Holga 120S, Ilford HP5400 film.

    Houston fine art photographer, Laura Burlton

  • Maddie with painted tree

    Just a quickie from an impromtu session with my eldest daughter. Isn't she a pretty one?

    I actually have quite a bit more film to scan. I found a couple of rolls of film I shot over the past few months ( even some holga wedding photos I forgot I had taken!)

    More later!

    Houston film portrait photographer, laura burlton

    Shot with a canon SLR, 35mm f1.4 lens, Ilford Delta 400 35mm film