• Sarah + Adam at Fershop Houston

    On January 10-11th this year we ( D. Jones Photography and I ) hosted a workshop or " Fershop" put on by the fabulous Fer Juaristi all the way from Monterrey, Mexico.I have known Fer for a while from an online wedding photographer forum that I am admin for.

    Fer had lots of really useful advice on how to shoot in "bad" lighting conditions or locations that might not be optimal. It was actually quite awesome and a whole lot of fun.

    Our models for the day(s) were Sarah and Adam from In Tandem photography out of Austin.

    in any case, here are the fruits of my labor from the workshop :)

    If you are ever looking for inspiration of the highestorder and want a little Fer in your life, I highly suggest doing a Fershop.

    This is Fer telling us to talk while keeping the viewfinder to our eye, as not to miss anything " smile click click click"

    This is Mirna, A local photographer who was also doing the workshop with her sister. We were asked to take a partner whom we did not know, ot for some photos of each other, just to get an idea what it was like to have your own photo taken.

    Also, this is all in camera.

    Fer is all about creating what he calls "Visual Bonners" ( yes, he spells it like that. It works with the accent, trust me. Besides a "bonner" is maybe much more classy than a boner. Just saying.

    Fer snuggling with the couple. Who says a photographer can't get in on the romance :)