• summer in the key of film

    Oh, when this summer started out I envisioned lots of shooting with my beloved film cameras. I had ideas indeed. I was going to continue a fine art project, or document my kids lives just artfully so....but then it became just a bit to hot and me, and my film cameras and kids stayed indoors. So this fall, I resolve to get out there and shoot some more. Well, at least once the rain comes again and the temperatures drop below 100 degrees (or really 90, truth be told)

    I did actually manage to take a few film photos this summer. Most of these were in and around Galveston, Surfside, Austin and Dropping Springs. We also made a trip to Destin Florida and New Orleans, but for the most part I documneted that on my phone and a few on the "big camera"

    In any case, enjoy looking. More later. I will try not to be a stranger.

    This one was taken with my beloved Bronica film camera. Kodak Portra film

    And of course this one and a few others were taken with with one of my holgas.

    This was taken with a diana mini.

    This is holga again and the guy was from the Band the Way Much, from Santa Barbara. They played a concert on my friends parents property out in Dripping Springs. We all played in the pool before hand. It is an awesome pool.

    You see, I did start summer off with good intentions.